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From design and manufacturing, to installation and operation, D-Beam provides complete bespoke solutions for your instrumentation needs.


Delivering Innovation

D-Beam was born from a culture of research and innovation. We have the unique ability to identify and develop disruptive diagnostic technology for the accelerator sector and beyond.

Complete Optical Systems

Our extensive experience in optical systems, from UV to THz, enables us to design and implement bespoke systems to suite specific requirements.


High Dynamic Range Imaging


D-Beam offers innovative applications of micro-mirror array devices providing a dynamic range of 10 , alongside other operationally key functionality.

Profile Monitors

A staple diagnostic for all accelerators, high quality profile monitoring is a passion for D-Beam. We offer a range of standard and bespoke monitors to cater for all applications.

Next Generation Technologies

Remove the burden of R&D.

D-Beam provides immediate access to a broad range of cutting edge instrumentation solutions that have been developed and fully optimised.

Optical Fibre-based
Beam Loss Monitors

A truly disruptive and innovative beam loss monitoring solution from D-Beam. Provides continuous non-invasive coverage, with a loss location resolution <10cm.


Our Expertise

Our multi-disciplinary team provides expertise in accelerator physics and technology, laser systems, electronics, material sciences and data science.

We confidently bridge the gap between academia and industry, collaborating with both world leading universities and market leading private companies. This enables us to take part in cutting edge R&D projects, whilst also impacting upon the real world.


We appreciate that one size does not fit all; client consultation is one of our core operating principles. Our client centred development process ensures all work is fit for purpose and reliable.

Aside from complete solutions, we can also supply along the whole manufacturing chain. From vacuum vessels, screens, and optical systems, down to individual components and analysis soft­ware.

D-Beam can also consult on your existing systems, improving or replacing them with systems better able to meet your operating needs.

Our products

Beam Loss Monitor

Our Optical-Fibre Beam Loss Monitors (oBLMs) are continuous >100m long radiation detectors. They can be located along the length of an accelerator beam line in order to observe the particle showers generated by beam losses, and locate these losses to within a few cm. This is a fundamental step change in machine protection capability.

Radiometric Diagnostics

As an expert in radiometric systems, D-Beam can provide a range of bespoke transport and imaging optics with application from UV through to the far-IR and THz. With applications in profile monitoring, longitudinal profiling, and emittance  characterisation, we can provide a solution to suite your requirements.

Healthcare Instrumentation

D-Beam is a partner in several international research projects developing new diagnostic instrumentation for the particle therapy sector. Novel modes of treatment will be dependent on these systems, and D-Beam is at the forefront of this development.

Quantum Technologies

We are actively involved in the development of several applications of quantum technologies in this sector, with applications in the accelerator and material science sectors. These cutting edge R&D projects will shape the way quantum technologies are applied in this sector. 

Get in touch now to see how we can help...

Dr Joseph Wolfenden


Telephone: (+44) 1925 864069



Prof Carsten P Welsch


Telephone: (+44) 7973247982

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